The Time Of the Doves

The Time of The Doves Book Cover

The Time of the Doves
By Mercè Rodoreda (Mature Teen)

The Time of the Doves follows the life of Natalia, from young adult to middle aged woman. Its setting is during the Spanish Civil War and gives a rare look into the life and times during this monumental time in Spain’s history. Natalia is like most teen girls, she’s struggling to define who she is in the world and what she wants to do. Just when things start to take their course, the entire country turns upside-down, tearing down lives and re-shaping them according to life during and after a major civil war.


Historical Fiction, Foreign Culture, Wartime Drama, Romance, Coming of Age

Why this is a Good Book For Teenage Girl

The Time of the Doves is a good book for teenage girls for its description of youth’s struggle to find identity and come of age no matter how dark the times or deep the wounds. Rodereda brilliantly portrays the capriciousness of youth slapped to the ground by an unpredictable societal reality. The gains for the common good turn into the mass tragedy of the individuals. This is an incredible read for the teen who likes historical fiction, war novels, romance and a coming of age story that defies the odds.

About the Author

Mercè Rodoreda is a Catalan prose writer, a language that was almost wiped from the earth after the Spanish Civil War. She was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1909 and survived the war, but ended up a refugee in France, eventually having to run from Hitler’s army. After a long hiatus from writing Rodoreda came back with several novels, The Time of the Doves being one of her most popular, and continued to write regularly until her death in 1983.