The Earl & The Fairy, Vol. 1

Good Books For Teenage Girls: The Earl & The Fairy: Vol. 1

 The Earl & The Fairy, Vol. 1 By         Ayuko

  Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor,one of the few     people with the ability to see the magical creatures     who share our world. During one of her rare trips to   London to visit her father, Lydia’s quiet life is     suddenly transformed when she is rescued from     kidnappers by a mysterious young man!


    Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama

Why this is a Good Book For Teenage Girls

Here we join Lydia Carlton, a fairy doctor who can see magical creatures that share our world. On an innocent trip to visit her father in London she is suddenly kidnapped but rescued by an enigmatic young man named Edgar. He claims to be a descendant from the ruler of the fairy kingdom and needs Lydia’s help to reclaim something that is his by right, the sword of the Blue Knight Earl! A great manga for teenage girls who are interested in: fantasy, adventure, romance and drama.