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A birthday wish has come and gone
Again alone by candle light
No-one here to sing the song
No-one here to share the night

It seems to me for all to see
That I should feel this pain
Transgressions past they blanket me
Now I'm, the one in chains of shame

In youth I was a troubled lad
When darkness came, there I would lurk
It's not that I had sought out bad
It's just that I felt home in murk

When fights broke out I'd be right there
To settle scores to self fullfill
When time for help I'd be no where
And always pass a friend the bill

A back I'd stab for but a laugh
A pocket picked to fill the same
Constructing the most scheming gaff
I'd always find the fool to blame

And as the years they rolled on by
I slowly realized all my faults
I called for help unto the sky
But only wounds they'd fill with salt

So to you I say, on this passing day
You'd better watch just what you do
because time has such a clever way
of making those who're cruel the fool

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