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My Friend The Book

At first glance there was nothing new
I was sure I'd seen it all before
But time that passed seemed as though it flew
And I was never sure what was next in store

We grew together in eloquent ways
A teacher had never shown me more
We shared eachother through the passing days
A kinship at our very core

Over the years we'd play and carry on
Peas in a pod we would always be
Sometimes awake till the crack of dawn
I'd never know a better friend for me

But time moves on like passing ships
And my friend evolved into so much more
No longer paper at my finger tips
No longer purchased in a physical store

An electric butterfly my friend is now
The coocoon of paper left behind
Packed full of knowledge like a holy cow
It will surely expand my fragile mind

So whatever form my best friend takes
It is sure to be a wild ride
Like hunting vampires with wooden stakes
or standing by a dragon's side


Copyright © 2011 House Of Lore