Below are many poems that are written by people supporting the Good Books For Teenage Girls website, and an array of classic poetry, along with links to other poems across the web that would be beneficial or entertaining to teenage girls.

Poetry is such an interesting thing and over the years has come to be known in various forms. As diverse as there are ways to paint, poetry offers a richness and diversity to language arts, and is an important form of expression for all ages.

From a Father to a Daughter

Not necessarily a poem, but rather a letter of the important things I hope I am showing and providing my daughter. It's funny because the written word is seemingly so much easier to put out there and I think communication, on both sides of the fence is something that is always needed and should constantly be strived for.

A beautiful but sorrow filled classic by the prolific poet Christina Rossetti.

Unlike Poe's eerie, haunted poems and stories, Annabel Lee is a love poem, beautifully written but with the same haunted style Poe lovers are used to.

An inspiring poem written in the late 1800's; timeless in its message.

Solitude By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A classic poem written in the late 1800's, Solitude is a timeless work that encompasses the individual struggle that all humans endure. It's said that Ella Wheeler Wilcox came up with the poem Solitude while on a train ride helping a widow that was sitting alone crying. The glimpse of fragility in being human makes this a perfect poem for good books for teenage girls. 

Another classic by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. In this amazing work she describes what she sees in the nature of humanity, and instead of making one seem entirely bad compared to the other, she challenges the reader to reflect on which type of person they see themselves as. 

An Inspiration By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Another inspiring classic by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 

The Sin of Omission by Margaret E. Sangster

An excellent poem for teen girls, as it is a classic cautionary, challenging the reader to self-reflect.

This is a great classic cautionary poem, written by an unknown author. An excellent poem for teen girls, to reflect and consider how they're reaching out to others during their days.

I Am a Rose

A free verse poem about the idea of a rose and the physicality of a rose. Who doesn't love the smell of this beautiful flower and yet at the same time one must always be aware of both the thorns and the fragility of such a thing. So the poem was written to play between the metaphorical and the physical manifestations of said rose.

A Time of Change

A somewhat somber poem about growing up and walking a fine line between who we want to be, who others see us at, and possibly try to force us to be, and all the nuances in between.  A sort of coming of age poem.

This is a classic poem that most will instantly recognize. Its encouraging words remind us to never give up on our dreams. The author of this inspiring poem is unknown, but the message is clear.


I have never been one of the lucky "pretty ones", but after writing this poem I'm not sure if I would have wanted to be.  I have no imagination for the idea of being gawked at for appearance alone.  Safely behind a keyboard and writing poetry is where it is safest for me.

My Friend The Book

I would imagine if you've come to this site then you too have some really good friends upon literary pages and this poem is an homage to them, as well as an homage to the ever evolving expression of the written word and the medium used to carry said word.


What worse way to have to deal with a situation that to recover from damage done, by the mouth of others, through lies. It is one thing to speak falsely to protect, but another thing to speak falsely to damage. We should all be diligent  to ensure our words do their best to harm no other.

Bright Vacation Home

A wandering song about beautiful places to live and expressions of joy while there.

A Zombie's Poem

Alright so this poem is a bit off track, or at the very least, different from the rest.  However, it shows a gentler side of a zombie with the idea that good dental hygiene goes a long way towards a zombie's health.

The Wrong House

A poem dedicated to one of my favorite poets and short story writers, Edgar Allen Poe. I have always very much enjoyed reading The Raven and it came to pass one day that I found it even funnier if the bird first wound up at someone else's house, and what would happen in that case. I hope you enjoy it.

In this world it is probably true for most of us that there are times that we do not choose the most righteous, noble, or honest path; to some degree or another. However, once we realize we have fallen into the grime of humanity, we must quickly get back up, brush ourselves off, and begin walking properly again. We must remain remiss of our responsibility to others and this world for as little of a time as we possibly can. This poem is about an individual who didn't quite feel this way, and is now living in regret of past actions.

Here's a classic that most people have heard the first stanza but never get the opportunity to hear the rest of this amazing poem.

Nobody by Emily Dickinson

Mr. Nobody by Author Unknown

Hope by Emily Dickinson

Dreams by Langston Hughes

by Christina Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti

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