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Minecraft game - screen shot of a building

Developer: Mahjong
Designers:   Markus "Notch" Persson
Composer: Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld

A game of wits, brutal survival, and unimaginable creativity. Minecraft. Built for the  casual and hardcore gamer alike, build a fort to survive the monster-filled night, or live in a peaceful world and construct castles and mansions across the vast landscape. All of these blocks contained in a single game, and it's still being developed and worked on to this very day. The other, and possibly the best feature of Minecraft, is its multiplayer mode, which allows you to create or survive in the world of your choosing with any of your friends.  It's impossible to give a harsh review of Minecraft because it adapts to the users every need, explore dungeons, or simply construct buildings or forts. Travel through the eyes of your character in first person mode or through a more omnipotent point of view in third person. Building, although simple, is as intricate and complicated as you want it to be. The game adapts to your play-style so it's really impossible to  give a poor review to the tempurpedic mattress of gaming. It's also nice to see a game like Minecraft being developed by an indie company like Mahjong, it's apparent that Mahjong and Notch (the creator of the game) care about their product, constantly updating and adding new content to their game. Not only do they have an informative forum but Notch constantly keeps in touch with his community and fellow gamers by way of his blog and things like Twitter, Facebook, etc. A great game for any age group or gamer, new or experienced. The only gripe one might have with Minecraft is its price. Twenty dollars for an indie game seems somewhat overpriced but thankfully Mahjong has put an older version of their game on their official site where you can play and test out nearly all the incredible features the game has to offer.