From a Father to a Daughter

I am the father of a daughter and she is truly one of the most captivating. As if made of both fire and ice there are claws that I must remain aware of, and yet a kindness and compassion exists in her that brings a smile to my face.

I wish only the best life for her and hope decisions she makes, beyond my short lived guidance, are ones forged in the support and trust that I have hopefully shown her through the years.

May she never have to use the sternness I have shown or the fists of defense I have provided. May her path be fun and kind, filled with experiences that only add to a joy filled life.

There is no bubble that I provide to protect her from it all, otherwise a life given would be a life taken and I would never want this. I hope I have shown that it is ok to fall as long as you stand again. And it is ok to bleed if for the proper cause.

I want her to know love, beyond the paternalness of my wife and I, and hope it is as everlasting as the sands of time. May those that she come in contact with respect her for her, and if not, may she have the courage to stand up and move on.

I hope I am always there for her, as an ear, as a voice, and as a balance. And I hope that she trusts me enough to use me as such.

May I continue to forever strive to earn the title of father to my daughter.

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