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Daddy Long-Legs book cover

Daddy Long-Legs
By Jean Webster

Jerusha, a struggling orphan, has a secret benefactor who has made education a reality for her. She begins a one-way correspondence, telling of her life experiences, ups and downs, and eventually unlocks the captivating mystery of her benefactor as well as finds love, laughter, and a lot of "little happiness." 

Genre: Historical Setting, Adventure, Humor, Philosophical Issues, Romance

Why this is a Good Book For Teenage Girls

Daddy-Long-Legs is a good book for teenage girls because Jerusha is a young woman who strives for learning, confidence and independence. She finds happiness in the simple things and finds the shiny side to the worst of situations, making the most of the gifts that have been given her. This book is an excellent read for the teen who likes historical settings, romance, humor and a story written through diary-like letters.

Most people, writes Jerusha Abbot to Daddy-Long-Legs, run life as a race, at the end of which they are too tired to be happy.

"I've decided to sit down by the way and pile up a lot of little happinesses."

Here is a charming novel of an orphan who, through pluck and good cheer, wins the patronage of an anonymous trustee of her orphanage she calls "Daddy Long Legs." He sends the clever Jerusha to a girl's college, where she thrives. Her story is odyssey of laughter, love and learning.

Here is one of the most empowering books of all time, a "girl's" book full of fun and whimsy, yet seriously enriching.

Daddy Long Legs has been adapted on stage and screen many times, most famously as the Shirley Temple movie Curly Top, and the Fred Astaire-Leslie Caron movie Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs is a classic that still amuses and inspires.

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