Baroque Cover


A screenplay by John and James McDonald
Copyright © 2011 House Of Lore

Baroque is the story of Jason, a painter commissioned by a wealthy art collector to restore a painting from the past. But the painting has secrets that have been locked away for years and now Jason is losing his grasp on reality, setting the stage for a reckoning from a love lost so long ago. We hope you enjoy it...

Rating: Mature Teen (horror)


The screen is like still black water. Through it, in blood red gothic font, emerges a date: 1621.We pull back, revealing a large painting with an elaborately carved golden frame.

The painting is of a room in a German manor, circa 1621. There is a door to the right of the room, and across from it are french doors, opening to a balcony. Through the painting the story unfolds, as if watching a play on a stage.

A beautiful older woman, The COUNTESS, enters through the single door and walks across the room. She throws open the french doors and walks out. The Countess' son, a mid-20s, attractive man, enters to the middle of the room and waits.

The Countess is standing looking out to the distance as curtains blow out of the room around her. A mob can be seen moving toward the manor. The mob is composed of peasants, a handful of mounted knights, and a local priest. The peasants are carrying torches and makeshift weapons.

Upon seeing the Countess, the Mob's noise and pace increases.

The day of reckoning had come for
the Countess and her son.

The Countess turns and walks into the manor. At the front of the house the peasants have gathered listening to the knights. In a rage the mob begins to batter down the manor door.

The peasants and nobles gathered at
the manor, to bring the Countess to
justice for her terrible crimes
against God and man.

In the manor the Countess and son are making their way down a long hall. The sounds of the battering ram hitting the main door and the mob's frenzied yelling can be heard.

Unspeakable horrors the Countess
had committed upon her people, and
the time for revenge had come.

The camera stops as the Countess and son enter a room at the end of the hallway. The son walks behind the door. On one of the walls is a huge dark painting. The painting measures 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall and is surrounded by a hand carved golden frame.

The painting is of an old dark room. The walls are wood, with ornate molding throughout. On the far back wall is a fireplace and a door. In front of the fireplace is an old high back chair.

The Countess walks to the painting and undresses. Her body is covered with tatoos that look like mystical markings. Incomprehensible words begin to flow from the Countess' mouth. It is as if the devil's tongue itself has replaced hers.

She cries out.

Brakalvalish... Brakalvalish...
Slavimanal... Tramene vele braka!

The sound of the manor door breaking open can be heard, followed by the sound of the mob growing louder. The Countess takes a dark, ornate dagger from a stand and
unsheathes it.

Brakalvalish... Brakalvalish...
Slavimanal... Tramene vele braka!

The sound of the mob, now inside the manor, increases.

The Countess stabs herself in the stomach with the dagger and her blood begins to flow. She turns, weakened, and holds the dagger out to her son.

The son begins to close the door as the mob begins to come down the hallway.