Below are various pieces of artwork created by friends and families of Good Books For Teenage Girls. It is funny when one thinks about art, with more schools making art classes a thing of the past, it will be up to the individual to pursue art, and continue their education outside of the walls of the school.  That being said there is a plethora of available resources across the internet to help those desiring to learn to draw. All one needs to do is seek them out, so along with just posting artwork, there will also be some great art demos from Youtube posted here as well.

Drawing of a boy with a flower

Drawing of a boy with a flower

It's drawn on a paper bag with black and red ink and a white-out pen for the white.

Drawing of a girl crying. Done on a paper back with ink and white-out.

This is a drawing of a girl.  

This is also done on a paper bag.

Fan art of the good book for teenage girls, Ada, Legend of a Healer

Fan Art from the good book for teenage girls Ada, Legend of a Healer.

Done in Photoshop using various brushes and filters to get the layered effect desired.

Good Books For Teenage Girls Artwork - The Long Hallway

The Long Hallway

A collage of images and computer art combined together.

How to draw a sphere

It all really starts here.  If you want to draw you should really work on rendering light across form and this comes in learning how to draw the sphere.  Here is a great video to get you started on this process.  Don't expect amazing results at first, but after a couple you should be able to render a sphere that looks like you could literally grab it off the page.  Best of luck in your practice.

How to Draw a Sphere

Doing Mastercopies of Other Artists

Another great practice is to find drawing that you really like and just copy them.  The nice part about this is once you find an artist that you like they will generally have a body of work out there that you can easily learn from.  Start simple, just trace the piece and work on the rendering. Then, after a while, you should understand their process and be able to reproduce, in your own work.

Mastercopy of Bargue Plate

YouTube Video