About Us

We are House of Lore, the publisher of Ada, Legend of a Healer and dedicated to serving those seeking good books for teenage girls. With many of us having daughters, some well beyond the teenage years, some in their teens and some just entering we wanted to help those seeking books that provide a strong female image, a thought provoking read, or a book that although it is classified for teenage girls, may be considered by many to be an amazing work of literary genius.

Throughout history the tradition of story telling has been used to guide the youth and also provide a common thread of values, ideals, and goals. No different are we as people now than a thousand years ago, except for the fact that instead of a handful of stories to be told, there are seemingly an infinite amount, and thus the creation of this website.

If you know of other good books, resources, or anything else pertaining to sending a positive message to teenage girls please contact us and let us know.  Or if you would like to be part of this organization please let us know as we are always on the lookout for more reviews, articles, or positive messages. 

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have found a site that not only provided you a list of good books for teenage girls, but also a growing community of information related to providing a positive environment.